Engineering Projects...



These are some fun engineering projects I did in the game.

This was requested by another player for the site, and I thought it was a great idea.

I usually play as the Chief Engineer in this game. I will be using SS13 slang for this, so do not be suprised when what I am explaining does not make sense. This is for my engineering friends!

I have some wacky ways to make gasses such as tritium, as well as a SM waste turbine setup I am working on.

Just one project so far.

My space efficient holofan tritium setup.

I finally got it made. The tritium is made inside a single tile, within a holofan.

Here it is! It managed to make a good amount of tritium, and i managed to fill two cans with 4k tritium within a round. Now, how is it made you may wonder?

We put a bunch of volume pumps in one tile, over many layers. Then we overclock them with a multitool. Overclocked volume pumps leak gas, and it will leak the gas no matter what pressure it is outside. We will pump in the burn mix into the overclocked pumps, and it will pump in gas into a tile.

We can then put a scrubber underneath, because you can just do that. That is what the green pipe is connected to. This green pipe is cooled with a thermomachine, and a pump is then used to put the tritium into the can once it is cool enough.

A holofan is put on top.

This can work to make tritium, however a couple things needs to be added to make this a bit better.

We will loop the gas going around via the overclocked pumps, and we add in a pump that goes to waste.

Next we will scrub out all of the air that is in the holofan, using the scrubber, and then pump it back out into waste, as seen in the second image above.

Once that is done, we turn off the pumps, set the thermomachine to cold, and we set the scrubber to this:

The waste gasses don't actually stop the reaction. So we can just ignore them! If you are pedantic, you can scrub out the waste gasses periodically and pump it into waste. I didn't need to do that though.

Once you are ready, just pump in the gax mix. At the start, I will have about 5 plasma to 95 oxygen ratio, as we want to make tritium.

Once it gets going, I change it to 30 plasma to 70 oxygen. Yes, I am on fire. It's okay.

I could have changed the pumps going into the mixer into a volume pump as it is pumps more gas. If you want to do that, go ahead!

I think that is all you need to know about the setup! Go ahead, try it out and tell me any ways to make this more efficient!