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Welcome to my art gallery!

Stuff is still being added.


Currently I am open for commissions, however I have not set up pricing or info.

Please contact Constellado on discord if you want one for some reason.

The artwork here is in no particular order.

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Boss Fights Game Pixel Art

This is pixel art for a university project game named Boss Fights. Only art I did not do was the background for boss 2 and the platform sprites for boss 1 and 3.

Boss 1

An angry plasma ball!

Most animations were done with a sprite sheet, other than the rotating beams and character's bullets

Boss 2

Meet Steve.

Steve was animated by the game's programmer with unity's animation tools. Steve also has different attatchments and faces.

Boss 3

No gif for this one, sorry!

This is the last boss that we made for the game. It has an eye that follows the player and shoots fire!

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