Youtube Art...

Welcome to my art gallery!

Stuff is still being added.


Currently I am open for commissions, however I have not set up pricing or info.

Please contact Constellado on discord if you want one for some reason.

The artwork here is in no particular order.

Pixel art in these images are not mine, and come from the game. Everything else is art made by myself based on the ingame pixel art.

These are some of the the published and unpublished thumbnails for my Space Station 13 youtube videos.

Click on an image to watch the associated video, if there is one.

This is for a possible video in which I shock the station with tesla coils. One of my favourite thumbnails of mine.

No video of this one for now.

The suit he is wearing is called a modsuit. This is the Chief Engineer's modsuit, along with the Chief Engineer's cape.

Maxwell being bit by a Space Carp named lia.

An evil clone of another player's character, Alexander Moore.

Pringles 'stache.

The meat station series of videos.

Catching pies.

Another player's character, Jeff Gaiman, sues someody over hairspray allegations.

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