Site Updates:


Sorry for the lack of updates! I am busy with other things, and never got around to updating this website for a bit. I am starting a new wesbite (Will be a game!) project here. There is not much to see right now, though.

This website however is still active, and I will do more updates over time!


Rearranged the landing page. Learning iframes! I now have more space to add cool things eventually :D


Minor update to the mainframe. Enter it in the SS13 section at the top.


Another garden update! See it in the my garden section.


I created a button to put on your website!


A big new garden update! Summer 2023/2024 is here!


I added an engineering project in the SS13 engineering project section. Have a look!

Did a new post in the garden section.

As is tradition, I added in buttons.


Added a pixel art page.

I also added more posts to the spring 2023 section in my garden.


I set up a Space Station 13 projects page.

Not much is in there yet but it is a start!


The Nanotrasen Mainframe is partially built, with a big chunk of its features done. Including a chat room! Hack into the mainframe in the SS13 tab to explore.

Also, a cyber dragon has landed in the page.


I added a portal to see my garden. Watch it grow!

I also added a Space Station 13 section, as well as an art gallery with a bunch of my youtube thumbnail art.


The domain's first ever day!