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You may have thought that this is a portal to a cyber garden, but no! This is a cyber portal to a real life garden. Watch it grow.

This is a small backyard garden in a coastal temperate climate.

Zone 9a New Zealand. Southern hemisphere.

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Hello. Welcome to spring 2023

There ended up being a lot of large images over time for this, as a result, all the things from spring 2023 will be put in another page.

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Seeds Planted 22/10/2023

I planted a more seeds today. I planted some sweet corn, some lettuce and lemongrass.

I transplanted out a few plants as well. I planted the pansies and cabbages into the garden.

Broad Beans 22/10/2023

On the 14th, they got blown around a bunch. i added another layer of string around to hold them up. not too many of them blew over, and the ones that did are still growing.

They also have little beans now!

Lettuce patches 22/10/2023

The lettuce in the first patch has been used in many meals, with a cut and come again style of picking.

The daikon raddishes did not work out, they started to flower before it made a big root. So I dug them out and replaced it with some cabbages.

The other lettuce patch is doing well. Still small, but growing fast. I also removed the weeds in the back and put a cabbage there.

Garlic patches 22/10/2023

I did some weeding, and pulled out a few ullucus seedlings. I had ulluco growing there last year. Search it up!

I must not have harvested it all. hah

Wasabi! 22/10/2023

This is its second year, growing big leaves in spring.

The brighter it is the more floppy the leaves get. This thing loves shade.

Garlic, onion and pea patch 22/10/2023

Nothing done to it since last update other than very light not enough weeding around the garlic and onions.

Spinach pot 22/10/2023

Decided to show you my spinach pot... On the other side of the garden.

Needs to be harvested.

Thats all for the 22/20/2023 update!

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